Design for noobs

Every so often I remember that my knowledge of design is lacking. It’s not that I don’t always know this, it’s just that sometimes it matters to me more than others. This year I made a promise to myself that whenever I found a topic that interested me I would find a good book and read up on it, so I asked Twitter what books I should read on design. See below for the results.

If you have any recommendations to add, please tweet them to @mr_urf. Thanks and enjoy. :)

101 Things I Learned at Architecture School (@stevenmilne)

A Type Primer (@mcaulay)

Basics Design series (@wilfreeborn)

Bootstrapping Design (@SaltineJustine)

Design for Hackers (@mgdm)

Design is a Job (@mcaulay)

The Design of Everyday Things (@paulanthonywils)

The Elements of Typographic Style for web (@mgdm)

Five Simple Steps (@leckie)

Hack Design (my own discovery - not a book but still looks like a decent reference)

Mastering Type (@yourwebsitesUX)

Objectified (@joe_jag - movie, but well worth a watch)

Principles of Two-Dimensional Design (@mrmcdowall)

The Shape of Design (@mcaulay)

Seductive Interaction Design (@fymd)

Type Matters! (@mcaulay)

Typographic Systems of Design (@SamiNummi)


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